The PLANET consortium is composed of 11 partners from 7 European countries, covering the overall value chain of the project: basic and applied research, technology innovation, proven methodological approaches, along with end-users and pilot partners. 

Project governance structure

Project governance structure


Project partners

POLITO (Italy)

POLITO is the PLANET project and scientific coordinator and will perform all administrative management activities. Technically, it
will lead power-to-gas (SNG) development, grid interface definition and project validation activities, including development/integration of simulation models and carrying out simulation-based validation of the PLANET system.
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Contact people at POLITO

Marco Badami
Project coordinator

Mariapia Martino
Project Manager


VTT (Finland)

VTT will lead all activities on Power-to-Heat and District Heat process optimisation and modelling and lead Power-to-Gas process modelling & optimisation activities. They will also support the development of distribution grid management optimisation tools with the provision of advanced demand and supply forecasting models, while, ultimately leading the evaluation activities of the project focusing on policy/market impact assessment and recommendations, as well as, on the evaluation of the cost-efficiency and cost-benefit analysis of the developed solutions.
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Contact person at VTT

Robert Weiss
Senior Researcher



HYPERTECH will be the PLANET technical coordinator. It will lead activities on requirements/system architecture definition, information modelling, thermal modelling of buildings and human-centric building optimisation strategies. Given its role, it will contribute to most activities.
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Contact person at HYPERTECH

Antonis Papanikolaou
Technical Coordinator


IREN (Italy)

IREN’s contributions span the following project activities: Requirements elicitation, future energy system scenario definition, grid integration of power conversion and storage technologies, results exploitation & innovation planning, policy/market reform recommendations.
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CERTH (Greece)

CERTH will be in charge of the development of the PLANET Integrated DSS and Monitoring/Orchestration Cockpit (IDOC) will providing the middleware infrastructure that will ensure smooth and standards-based communication between different grid components, ICT systems and stakeholders involved.
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ITM Power (UK)

ITM will contribute to the development of the P2G and P2F solutions of the PLANET project in a consulting role and will be in charge of the business innovation planning activities of the project, exploiting their deep market knowledge and strong positioning worldwide.
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VaasaETT (Finland)

VaasaETT will lead the PLANET dissemination and communication activities (Dissemination and Exploitation Coordinators) as well as the definition of future energy system scenarios. It will contribute to all assessment, validation and result exploitation activities as well as to those related to policy/market reform recommendations and promotion of project results for standardisation.
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Contact people at VaasaETT

Hanna Launonen
Marketing Manager / Dissemination


FGH (Germany)

FGH has a targeted role, the definition and design of initial interfaces of PLANET technologies with the electricity and gas networks and their communication and promotion to standardisation bodies (where they already contribute) to accelerate their adoption and thus supporting the future commercialization of the PLANET results.
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Contact people at FGH e.V.

Andrea Schröder
Dipl. Ing. (FH) / Technical questions

Christoph Kahlen
Dipl.-Ing / Project management


SOREA (France)

SOREA will be involved in the project pilot deployment activities providing access to their clients’ buildings to support the P2H solution calibration and contributing to the development and validation of the integrated and individual PLANET solutions and associated business models
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Contact person at SOREA

Sylvain Berlioz
R&D Engineer / Pilot leader


ISMB (Italy)

ISMB will lead the development of the SCCE component and will contribute to the development of the interfacing components (IDOC, P2H/G/F modules).
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MERIT Consulting House (Belgium)

MERIT will be involved in the definition of the prosumer energy behaviour, including the human-centric building-level optimization and strategies. MERIT will also contribute to the scenario validation and to the identification of new services that could be offered to the grid.
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