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The EU Research Project PLANET

By Andrea Schröder, Christoph Kahlen, Mariapia Martino and Antonis Papanikolaou
Published in IntechOpen Smart Microgrids

"Renewable energy sources hold the promise to decarbonise the entire system, including the electricity, heating, gas and transport systems with the use of appropriate conversion and storage technologies. Optimal use of the latter becomes critical in order to achieve the ambitious EU policy objectives of the Energy Union. The PLANET solution will comprise a valuable tool in the arsenal of policy makers and network planners for the coordinated design of networks and compatible policy instruments for the stimulation of the most appropriate technology deployments that can achieve the aforementioned objectives."

Submitted: January 31st 2018
Reviewed: May 9th 2018
Published: July 11th 2018
DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.78563

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